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Showering Assistance

Safe Shower Assistance For Seniors

Few things in life feel as refreshing as a nice shower, although this task becomes more difficult for seniors who are ailing, recovering from an injury or operation, or experiencing memory loss. In Home Personal Services offers discreet Safe Shower Assistance. Safe Shower Assistance includes: standby or physical assistance with tub, shower, or sponge bathing, applying lotion, and dressing.

Many falls and injuries take place in the bathroom. Our safe shower assistance program helps to reduce unnecessary risk when you want bathing, showering, and grooming. Our caretakers are very respectful of your privacy and maintaining your dignity and respect. In addition to our shower assistance, we highly recommend looking at tub/slider chairs and other safety equipment to add to your bathroom.

Safe showering assistance can provide your loved ones peace of mind that you aren’t alone and trying to shower alone. As much as you want to remain independent, one fall in the bathroom and it can easily lead to a hospital trip. Keep in mind that with some help you can continue to have your independence and stay in your home. At the very least, make sure that your bathroom is set up properly. Handles and grab bars should be installed for extra balance and support regardless of whether you have shower assistance or not. Also, make sure that you have enough light to clearly see around the bathroom.

Many times, especially at night, there can be tripping hazards or other obstacles that you might not notice. Your safety and health is the main concern, call us if you think you or someone you know needs some extra help.


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