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The Value Of Home Safety

For seniors, a safe and comfortable living environment is an essential component to living a healthy, quality life. As people age, their physical abilities, reflexes, and senses decline. This makes it challenging to safely move around the home, especially if the senior lives alone or with another elderly family member. Extra safety precautions and systems are available to make sure seniors are secure in their homes. These services also give loved ones the peace of mind knowing their elderly family members are safe.

Falling Prevention

Each year, thousands of senior Americans fall at home. Many of them are seriously injured, and some are disabled. Falls are often due to hazards that are easy to overlook but many times, easy to fix. You should feel safe in your home. In Home Personal Services wants its clients to feel as independent as possible and implementing falling prevention strategies will help. We have put together checklists that can be useful to help you find and fix potential fall hazards within your home.

Keep Your Independence While Having Peace Of Mind You Are Safe.

In Home Personal Services performs a thorough in-home safety inspection and makes recommendations for ensuring the safety of you or your loved one before beginning an assignment.

Many of our services not only gives comfort to you or your loved one but helps eliminate the fear of falling in your home. This allows for a stronger sense of independence in the home!

  • Light housekeeping service allows us to not only make sure the house is tidy and clean but eliminate any debris that could become a potential fall hazard
  • Meal Preparation service allows us to cook or aid in the cooking of meals not only to make your favorite dishes like you like them but also reach and do things that may put you at risk while in the kitchen
  • Shower assistance and dressing assistance will help prevent falls in and out of the shower or bath.
  • Live-in care allows one of our caregivers to be with you or your loved one 24/7.
  • Our rise and shine, as well as tuck in care services, ensures someone is there to help you with your morning rituals as well as your evening routine.
  • Our caregivers are also trained to help people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, poor mobility, and more.
  • We provide home safety assessments and suggestions

Exercise Helps Prevent Falling

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise makes you stronger and improves your stamina, balance, and coordination. It also helps to increase your bone density and balance hormone levels. It improves circulation, blood pressure, and heart and lung health. Our ambulation exercise services can assist with this.

Preventive Senior Home Care

Mom didn’t take her medicine properly, and as a result, she’s back in the hospital.

Dad had a bad fall while trying to reach the cupboard above the stove.

Were these things avoidable or inevitable? Scenarios like these can be prevented with diligent planning and care. Don’t wait until you or your loved one has an incident to get help. We do understand that accidents and health issues aren’t always preventable. But many are. In some cases, the outcome is worse without preventive care–such as a senior falling and needing hip surgery due to a lack of help at home. Sometimes preventive care means eating better, finding ways to exercise, or staying mentally sharp.

Again don’t wait for something to happen to inquire about our services. In Home Personal Services wants to be there from the start to prevent injuries from happening. You can certainly build a great relationship with one of our caregivers to lower risk of fall and feel an extra sense of safety in your home before something happens. Senior care doesn’t need to start with an incident. Even it’s minimal, you should take action today and you will lessen the chance of a serious result down the road.

Avoiding a fall by having someone help out at home could save you thousands of dollars in medical bills and prescriptions, especially if you don’t have insurance. Regular medical care can also run up a much higher tab than intermittent non-medical care. Contact us to learn how our services can help keep you or your loved one safe by filling out the form below or call us at 877.426.4477.

Here are some tips and things to add to your bedroom to help prevent a fall and overall help increase safety while in the bedroom:

  • A raised mattress for the ability to get in and out of bed easily
  • A light source and telephone are within easy reach near the bed
  • Nightlights are placed along the path from the bedroom to the bathroom and hallway
  • The floor is clear of clutter to avoid any potential trip hazards

Helpful Tips:

  • It can be challenging, not to mention expensive, to keep fresh batteries in flashlights. Try purchasing flashlights that plug into the wall and remain constantly charged. Some rechargeable flashlights even have built-in nightlights to make them easy to locate in the dark.
  • Stand slowly when getting out of bed. Give your body time to adjust to an upright position.
  • Wear well-fitting slippers and avoid nightwear that drags on the ground.
  • Tie the belt on your robe.
  • Keep pathways between the bed and bathroom and the bedroom door unobstructed by clutter or furniture.
  • The bed should be at least 18” high (from the top of the mattress to the floor) to allow more comfortable and safe transfers.
  • The edge of the mattress should be firm enough to support a seated person without sagging.

Here are some tips and things to add to your bathroom to help prevent a fall and overall help increase safety while in the bathroom:

  • Grab bars are on the bathroom walls, near the toilet or in the bathtub or shower
  • A slip-resistant rug is next to bathtub or shower
  • A mounted or suction liquid soap dispenser is in the bathtub/shower wall
  • Non-skid adhesive textured strips are on the bathtub/shower floor
  • A sturdy plastic seat (shower chair) is placed in the bathtub
  • There is a raised toilet seat or a toilet seat with armrests to maintain balance getting on or off the toilet.
  • An extra- long mirror is over the sink so it can be used when sitting

Helpful Tips:

  • If you are on strong medication or in a frail or delicate condition, do not bathe by yourself. Have someone assist you in and out of the bath and check on you periodically.
  • Use a bath chair, grab bars and hand held shower to provide stability when bathing.
  • Do not use towel bars for support.
  • Check water temperature with your hand before entering the tub or shower.

Here are some tips to help prevent a fall and overall help increase safety while in the kitchen:

  • Food, dishes, and cooking equipment are stored at an easy-to-reach waist high level
  • Make sure there are no food, grease, liquid, etc. spilled on the floor
  • No throw rugs
  • You could also add non-skid floor wax on your floor to help prevent falls

Helpful Tips:

  • A well-organized kitchen will make cooking and cleaning easier and prevent falls.
  • Re-arrange frequently used items to avoid excessive bending and reaching.
  • Use a hand-held reaching tool for hard-to-reach objects.
  • Poor lighting may contribute to trips and falls. Install light switches at the top and bottom of stairways to avoid climbing and descending in the dark.
  • Install lights or colored tape on each step to provide a visual distinction between one step and the next.
  • Paint doorsills a different color than the floor.
  • Improve the lighting in your home by using brighter bulbs, at least 60 watts. Use lampshades or frosted bulbs to reduce glare.


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