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Pet Care

We Treat Your Pet Like Family!

Pet Care

While a pet can be a huge comfort and an excellent companion for your loved one, it can also become overwhelming to care for due to an ailment, illness, injury, recent surgery or memory loss.

Our pet care service for seniors can offer the needed assistance to ensure everyone is doing good. The pet care support includes

  • walking
  • feeding
  • clean up
  • petting
  • and of course lots of love

The need for companionship doesn’t dwindle with age and pets are a great loyal accompaniment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention credits pets with decreasing blood pressure and loneliness while increasing opportunities to socialize and exercise.

WebMD also notes new research from Miami University in Ohio and St. Louis University that indicates pet owners are more physically fit and less fearful of hurdles in everyday life.

Aside from actually checking on the owner, the caretaker also can check on the pet to make sure they have the food and water they need, and of course, take them out or clean up after them.


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