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Live-In Caregiver Services

We understand that as an individual age, you might start needing additional help if you are going to continue to live at home. For people that have difficulty with daily activities like cooking, eating, bathing, showering, sleeping or overall mobility, we can be with you to help. Live-in care can be a great alternative to assisted living or nursing homes. Our services are customized for you as an individual, no shortcuts, and no compromises. The In Home Personal Services mission is to acknowledge you or your loved one as an individual while always being respectful. Around the clock, care is possible at your own home and having access to live-in care can reduce the factors that might lead to a nursing home admission.

Our Live-in Caregiver services introduce the opportunity to receive extremely personalized care whenever senior assistance is needed. Live-in Caregivers are meticulously matched to each individual client based on the level of in-home care needed, the skill set of the caregiver, and common interests and compatible personalities. A live-in caregiver could be the best option for you or a loved one, especially if you want to stay in the comfort of your own home.

A Live-In Caregiver Personal Care Services Include:

Bathing by yourself can be dangerous. A bathroom is a place that is slippery and wet and can easily lead to a nasty fall. We help seniors take their baths safely and decrease the chances that a fall takes place. Our caregivers are trained on how to prevent falling and injury during the bathing process.

Looking great at home or before an outing can make any woman feel confident and good about themselves. Our caregivers can help apply lotions, make-up, and other beauty products because no matter what age you have achieved looking your best never gets old.

Continence care may be an embarrassing subject to some, but it is extremely important to address as a senior’s physical abilities don’t allow for them to properly take care of this themselves. Before it becomes a health issue, talk to our friendly staff about how we can help you or your loved one.

Our caregivers can help with dressing and grooming at your residence. We make sure that your routine is adhered to while making you comfortable in your clothing. We can even wash and launder your clothing too.

Keeping clean and performing household tasks can become difficult as we age. For most people, hygiene care is an intimate process so it can be hard to ask for help even when you need it. Our staff can help you by being as discreet as possible while making sure you are well cared for and clean. We understand the intricacies and fears involved and will make sure to keep you feeling at ease while reducing the danger of falls and other health risks.

Forgetting your medication can be a costly mistake. Staying on track and remembering to take your medications on time and following the doctors’ instructions is important to your overall health. Taking too many or too few pills can be prevented by having our staff remind you when to take your medication.

Your diet and nutrition plan can be made easier letting In Home Personal Services cook and make meal plans for you and your family. We can help you maintain a healthy diet specially designed for your specific needs.

Taking additional preventative steps in the bathroom are important to decrease falls. Also, especially if you are unable to go to the restroom, bedside help is available to make toileting an easier task.

Stretching and staying active is important to your overall health. Decreases in your mobility can lead to more injuries and possibly more visits the hospital. Our team will oil up those joints keeping you as physically mobile as possible.Taking additional preventative steps in the bathroom is important to decrease falls. Also, especially if you are unable to go to the restroom, bedside help is available to make toileting an easier task.

Live-in care is when a fully trained caregiver lives with you in your home, supporting with your day-to-day needs and even being on call overnight. For many, live-in care becomes a lifeline, helping them to maintain their independence by avoiding a move into a residential care home.

Whether it’s helping with personal care, keeping on top of the chores or moving around the house, many of our caregivers become a rock to their clients, enabling them to live the way they want every day.

There are many reasons why people choose a live-in caegiver or support worker. Here are the main ones:

  • Staying in your own home in the environment you love the most
  • Avoiding change – daily life can stay much the same with that extra support
  • Flexible care built around you – your caregiver helps as much or little as you like
  • Keeping the same routines, hobbies, and interests
  • Companionship, whether it’s sharing meals, watching TV, or enjoying days out
  • Family and friends can still come and go as normal
  • Emotional support –  many caregivers become more like extended family to our customers

Your live-in caregiver will also handle:

  • Cooking meals – preparing nutritious meals according to your tastes
  • Running errands – whether it’s food shopping or fetching your prescriptions
  • Housekeeping – keeping your home clean and tidy
  • Overnight care – being there for you around the clock

Even with one of our handpicked live-in caregivers, your life can stay pretty much the same as before. The big change is you now have a dedicated around-the-clock support person to make things run a little smoother.

The idea of welcoming a new person into your home and life may seem a little daunting at first. But no worries, we walk you through each step of the way. We put so much emphasis on matching you with someone based on our analysis who would be the most compatible with you based on your needs.


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