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Hygiene Care

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Hygiene Care Services

Whether you’re a man who likes a clean shave or a rugged style, or a lady who likes her makeup just so, we’ve got you covered. Our in-home hygiene care services include assistance with shaving, applying makeup, grooming, and oral care, just to name a few.

Hygiene Care Can Be A Very Intimate Process, We Can Help!

Hygiene care for most people has been an intimate process that is completely personal and shared with no other individual. Yet, as we age, our vision, physical ability, fine motor skills, and memory aren’t what they used to be. Shaving, bathing, combing, fingernail painting – well it is all tiring. Many times hygiene care is ignored and the likelihood of infection, soars, or other issues slowly arise. Even if the elder has the help of multiple family members, chances are that these activities are too personal and private in nature for anyone to feel comfortable in. An in-home caregiver is usually a great alternative to friends or family in this more intimate process.

We Eliminate Fear And Discomfort While Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle!

You or your loved one may have a fear or discomfort while trying to bathe. The fear of falling or slipping in the tub or on a wet slippery floor. Even more serious when the elder has Alzheimer’s or dementia and they don’t understand why they are being “forced” into the shower, or believes that there isn’t a surface below them because they can’t see the white shower chair against the same color tub surround. No matter what the issue might be our caregivers have the experience and training necessary to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Taking the extra time to promote hygiene care for your loved one, is well worth the investment. Not only will you be improving the life of your loved one but this also boosts their self-confidence.


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