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Who Is In Home Personal Services?

Franchise Advantages

In Home Personal Services is a non-medical senior care provider. But we are also so much more. With so many franchise opportunities out there why is our brand consistently ranked among the best? Get ready, its going to be an impressive presentation! These are just some of the reasons that we are among the best options for entrepreneurs seeking to enter this industry.

The Franchise Differentiators

There Are So Many, But We Will Be Highlighting Here For You The High-level View Of What We Do And Why It Matters.


A better approach to franchising


Training with real value


Business Development unlike anywhere else


Advantages that are unique


Support 24/7/365 A to Omega All creating a better opportunity and relationship

Our Opportunity
  • Operating since 2004, most of the original staff now executive leaders.
  • Strong FDD
  • Pandemic resistant model
  • Senior care is exploding
  • We do what we love
Why Does This Matter?
  • Experience counts and drives innovation.
  • Never closed, the realization we were deemed essential and have expanded during the pandemic
  • Doing what you love and doing it well = $$$
Value To The Franchisee At No Cost

So many systems have various “fees” built into their agreements. We have worked to eliminate nearly every single one.

  • Royalty is only 4% – lower for Master Franchisees.
  • Marketing Fund is 0% – not a typo, we eliminated this fee in 2019 and still deliver the full support.
  • Web, digital, social media all provided at no cost to the franchisee. Run “comprehensive campaigns” year-round that include creative development, strategic planning, graphic, content, web, digital, social, print and other costs at no additional costs for the franchisee.
The Bottom Line
  • Obstacles are new opportunities to us, and we have proven our ability to overcome and turn those into advantages.
  • You still think there is something out there better than us? Something or someone with an advantage we do not hold? Challenge accepted.
  • We are franchisee friendly so they too can thrive.
  • We do it better because we cared to ensure the model and every detail was superior.
  • Call us today. Give us 15 minutes and we will show you how we meet, exceed or decimate the “other guy” franchisee.

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