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Acute Home Care needs when you need it most.


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Our caregivers have opportunities for growth at In Home Personal Services that are almost never available at other companies. If you go through our leadership staff, nearly all of them have been promoted from within. Explore careers with IHPS, please apply today!


Benefits of Working With Us

Helping people is our leading mission and the very essence of our business. In Home Personal Services is fueled by strength, courage, and determination to solve one of the biggest challenges of this century: maintain our seniors’ independence and having high-quality in-home care.

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Competitive Wages

We continuously review and research to ensure that our benchmarks are in the top percentile for comparable wages in the market for similar jobs and opportunities. This way we know our Team is always well compensated for their talent, and contribution to the Team is appreciated.

Performance Wage Increase

Performance matters. Give more than expected, receive more than expected. That has always been our philosophy. Top performers can and have received more than a single raise in the same calendar year because we recognize the individual’s performance.

Health Insurance

We’ve got you covered! We provide our employees major medical health insurance that covers the most necessary care. Not only do we offer our employee health benefits packages from major brand carriers, but we also offer them at a lower premium for the company pays 70% of the employee portion of the premium. That is 20% more company-paid-premium than most other companies offer. That is extra savings added to your paycheck for you to keep! Does your current job offer that?


We all need time away. We make sure you get it, and you get an ample number of these days. Our packages include as much as 30 days of paid time off (PTO) per year for those with tenure. You are rewarded for the commitment to the brand you help build. Paid vacation days to help you to “recharge” and re-energize yourself. You deserve it!

As a team and to be with your family we recognize the following major holidays: News Year, Good Friday, Memorial Day, June 19th (Juneteenth), July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day! Paid time off for all or time and ½ paid for those that are available to work.
Paid Holidays
To show our appreciation for our employees’ hard work throughout the year, we offer employer-paid holiday time off that allows our employees to observe and celebrate various holidays with their family and friends, without having to worry about how it will affect their paychecks. Paid holidays on major holidays and your birthday is a holiday. If an employee ends up working on a holiday, a “time and a half” incentive as a “thank you” for giving your time during a holiday and going the extra mile.
Happy Birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Don’t you want to work for a company that recognizes your special day? We offer a personal and a well appreciated employee benefit – TWO (2) Paid Days Off to celebrate your birthday every year and make it a holiday for you to enjoy in the month of your birth. You deserve this!
Employee Referral Program
One more benefit of friendship! Please invite your friends to join our Team. As a thank you, we are proud to offer an Employee Referral Program with incentives for those who help us find great addition to our Team. We are always looking for new talents and to hire amazing candidates so spread the word!
Direct Deposit

We offer our employees Direct Deposit. As an employee, you have earned your compensation. You deserve to have access to your paycheck on payday. Therefore, we offer our employees a safe, secure, and electronic compensation method that quickly gets employees’ earned wages through Direct Deposit.

Online Payroll Access

We know that convenience is important to you. Therefore, we partnered with a professional payroll service where our employees can easily access their payroll information such as pay stubs, W2, accrued and available Paid-Time-Off (PTO) hours, taxes, and other payroll-related documents. Our online payroll access allows you to have the information you need and when you want them at your fingertips.

Flexible Scheduling

We are proud to empower our employees to achieve a greater work-life balance. Whether you need to schedule around work and family, make up those extra hours you put in for the Team and take off that Friday, work from home due to weather, or as significant as a pandemic, or because it is just one of those days. Guess what? You can! You are important to us, and we value and support your mental health and well being. Our company knows that while life may throw us a curve, we are still unstoppable. Sometimes, it is best to stay home and tackle the day in our pajamas.


You travel for us; your mileage will be covered accordingly.

Vision & Dental

Available and accessible like our major medical, we seek out the very best plans that’s cost effective with best coverage every year.

Life & Disability Insurance

We offer our employees Life and Disability Insurance. We hope you will never need it for this purpose, but it is better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them.


We take pride in providing feedback-rich culture and a welcoming work environment. Our dedicated leadership team continues to work hard to bring great benefits that our employees deserve. To ensure our company and its mission are running as efficiently as possible, we encourage and welcome our employees to give regular and consistent feedback. Each of our team member’s opinion is valuable to us. What we do matters, and so is our Team!

Immigration Sponsorship

One of our many benefits we added in 2022 that impacts our team members and their families-all over the world-and our way to demonstrate our understanding and true support of those that make us the brand we are. We have over a decade of experience and excusive opportunities for our team members to participate with our immigration sponsorship program allowing your loved ones from around the world to be part of not just the American Dream, but also have the support of our brand behind their desire to enter the United States thorough our proven immigration sponsorship programs.

Financial Planning

We are a company that knows what it takes to care for employees like family. At no cost to our employees, we are proud to offer a one-on-one advantage to work with a personal financial planner, which is beneficial today and long-term. We are a company that cares for you and your future endeavors.


We take pride in recognizing our employees’ contribution to our Team and the company’s success. We have ongoing programs dedicated to promoting our appreciation and recognition of our employee’s hard work and exemplary performance. We express our gratitude as part of our branding, such as shared posts on our social media platforms, luncheon on us, financial rewards or gift cards, anniversaries and milestones celebrations, and so much more!


We have a long-standing tradition of promoting from within. Today, almost every single member of our leadership has been promoted from within the brand. We have also created employment opportunities and changes in roles to fit the specific skill set of the team members which allows them to grow in ways they find to be fulfilling and rewarding.