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”Everything we do and all the care we provide is with you in mind. You as an individual, your needs, your desire to maintain a healthy, active and independent lifestyle. Everything that makes us unique, is your individuality. We understand this on a personal level and that is why our care is tailored to meet your needs. It is a level of care you want, need and expect. It is a client level of care, because no two clients will ever be alike.” Michael A Collura Founder

company overview

our vision & mission

Helping people is our leading mission and the very essence of our business. In Home Personal Services is fueled by strength, courage, and determination to solve one of the biggest challenges of this century: maintain our seniors’ independence and having high-quality in-home care.

our philosophy

Our brand is built on upon the belief that we want to become one of the most innovative and forward-thinking home service agencies in the world. This enables our clients, employees, and franchisees to be empowered and inspired.

our approach

In Home Personal Services brings a unique approach to caregiving—one that takes the “senior” out of “senior care”—and allows us to see amazing people who are beautiful in every way no matter what age. These incredible accomplished and fascinating individuals may now need a little assistance or possibly full-time support to ensure their lives continue to blossom. Our in-home care services are flexible to your specific needs.

our care

In Home Personal Services is redefining non-medical in-home care. Our award-winning in-home care extends to Personal Care, Respite Care, Companion Care, Post Discharge Care, Emergency Home Care, Live-In Care, Hygiene Care, Incontinence Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson’s Care, Arthritis Care, Overnight Care, and more!

our story

In Home Personal Services began in January 2004, founded by Michael A. Collura working with his own Mother to provide quality care to seniors who wished to remain in the comfort of their own home.

We understood early on the challenges facing many seniors and their families when it came to aging and the desire to maintain a safe and independent lifestyle in the comfort of one’s familiar surroundings.

In Home Personal Service was formed with the belief that home care should be tailored to meet the individual needs of every client. It has remained our mission, to ensure the client and their family receive the highest level of quality care.

Many challenges were faced along the way including new laws and regulations for standards of quality care introduced by State authorities in 2008. Michael and the IHPS team were already operating well above these new standards, proving their mission was a success as they had not only met the standards of quality care issued by the regulatory authorities, they had exceeded them.

Today Michael continues his mission and In Home Personal Services has grown not just in its native State of Illinois, but throughout the United States.

“The best thing that we have, and the best part of what we have done, and the best way to describe a proven system, is in the people we have actually helped” – Michael Collura, President of IHPS

  • 2004 the idea is born and In Home Personal Services is found
  • 2005 within or first year, we already have boomed and are now serving 100s of seniors
  • 2006 we create and develop a unique “come & go” service model
  • expand to an onsite service provider in 5 locations with our come & go services
  • 2008 we open our first “corporate office” in West Dundee, IL
  • 2008 the State of Illinois creates licensure and regulation requirements for the industry, by the end of that first day we realize we already far exceed the “minimum requirements” established by the State. 2008 Michael Collura creates a one of a kind school to meet
  • the growing demand for high quality caregivers. It is named Matthews after the passing of his younger Brother.
  • 2009 we begin to develop a franchise system to expand the brand across the US
  • 2009 the Business Development Team is formed creating what will become the greatest advantage we will hold in the industry and local market for years to come.
  • 2010 Michael Collura acquires a home health business and proceeds to further develop not only the reputation as a quality care provider, but also a brand new respect and appreciation for how to deliver quality care and innovation of patient services. This leads to another long list of advantages for his franchisees available nowhere else.
  • 2011 to 2013 the franchise system is painstaking detailed and developed to be a world class senior care provider and prepares to launch and award its first franchisees.
  • 2013 the first round of franchisees are brought on. Their feedback, insights and development of their own protected territories is further improved upon. We set out to make the system the best in the world, so we stop awarding new franchises for the next several years. Our focus is on ensuring we are a superior system in every way, and we don’t settle for being better, we want to be something more. We want to inspire and be a leader in the industry. So, we do the work. We study and we develop every detail of the system.
  • 2014-2018 our Founder set out to explore additional business opportunities and developed additional brands and services. The culmination of these years of effort developed many unique system differentiators that were not the standard in the industry rather an advantage for IHPS and its franchisees.
  • 2019 by this time we have continued to expand all the brands. We are an award winning senior care provider. Franchise system differentiators are abundant. Our reputation has been growing and our system is enjoying uninterrupted and continued steady and fast pace growth. We never lost sight of our identity and celebration continues.
  • 2020 Covid. Just as the launch of our franchise system was about to take place, the pandemic hit. So once again we sought to first protect those that trusted us with their care and then prove the business model in what was the greatest challenge we could ever have endured. We achieved every goal we had and while tragic, the pandemic was the biggest and most significant test our system. We excelled and succeeded in ways so many others did not.
  • 2021 IHPS has finally begun to release and expand its franchise system opportunity. In just the first few months of these efforts we have over 3,000 leads from prospective franchisees, we see numerous publications and cover stories supporting our brand and even rank as the #1 franchise opportunity the country for senior care! 2021 already two existing franchisees seek to expand their current
  • protected territory. One operator just joined in January and by May is already working to expand within her first 6 months! We also are proud to have received such an amazing response from many competitors looking to join our system as a conversion franchisee.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

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