It’s that time of year…Spring! As the weather spins its crazy web of warm weather one day, snow one day, and raining buckets the next, it is a good time to start spring cleaning!

The thought of going through your/your senior loved one’s home may seem a little daunting. You may even be thinking, “I don’t know if I can go through it all on my own.” Spring cleaning is a great task that can be done with a caregiver. Whether you have a caregiver, are a caregiver for someone in your family, or have a senior in your life with a caregiver, spring cleaning together helps the job go easier. When many hands are involved in spring cleaning it can help with re-organization, elimination of safety hazards, and can also help assess independent living capability.

As you begin to spring clean/assist in spring cleaning here are some tips that will help the process go smoothly and end more successful!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Enlist Help

Many hands make light work and involving others can make the time go by faster! Being able to interact with each other makes it a great opportunity to build relationships as you’re going through photo albums, trinkets, etc., and telling stories about those items. If there are tasks or chores that are difficult to do for one person, or for certain mobility levels, then having another person around can help those tasks get completed.

Start With A Checklist

Before you being, create a list of the tasks that you want to get completed for this year’s spring cleaning extravaganza. Your checklist will be specific to your home and needs but could include items such as:


☐ Sanitize surfaces in every room

☐ Organize cabinets

☐ Vacuum

☐ Clean Windows

☐ Dust

☐ Mop

☐ Refrigerator and Pantry – get rid of expired food.

☐ Replace batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide

☐ Replace all broken light bulbs.

☐ Check rugs for tripping hazards.

☐ Go through Medicine Cabinet/Get rid of expired meds and meds you no longer take.

Schedule Time

Decide when you are going to do your spring cleaning and then stick to it! You can pick a Saturday and get everything done that day, you can do it over the span of a couple of days, or even once a week for two to three weeks. Whatever you choose do it on those days, make sure everyone involved knows the correct dates, and don’t schedule anything else during that time.

De-clutter, Then Clean

Getting rid of clutter first improves safety and also makes it easier to clean. If you or the senior you are assisting is having difficulty with parting with some things, talk through it first. Determine if the object has sentimental value and if it is something that should be kept or maybe something that can be gifted to a loved one, given as a donation, or thrown away. Making three piles – yes, no, maybe – can be helpful in deciding what is necessary to keep, sentimental, and what could be parted with. Allow family members to go through the trash/donate pile to see if there are things they would like to have.  There may be items in there that you didn’t realize were sentimental to them. When it comes to financial, health, and legal documents, try to keep these organized in on space, instead of in various places around the house.

Be Open/Be Kind

First, it is important that the person whose house it is, is involved in the decision making of what goes and stays. However, if other people are helping then it can be helpful to ask their opinion. As you are working with your caregiver, friends, and family, remember that if you have a question or opinion it is OK to share it, but think about the way that you are sharing your opinion. People are more likely to listen and accept opinions if they don’t feel threatened or put down by the other person’s words.

Spring cleaning with your loved one may reveal that they are struggling with living on their own and may require in home care. In Home Personal Services can help and has many options available to you. Please contact us through our e-mail or call us at 877.826.4477.