In Home Safety and Comfort Checks for Seniors

A simple knock, a quick check, and we are providing reassurance that your loved one is doing well. Our senior Safety and Comfort Check service provide peace of mind for you and quality care for your loved one. This support service includes simple stop-ins to ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable.

“knock knock, how you doing? great! just checking in to see if you need anything? it’s really that simple and safe”

Have you wondered if your loved one was okay while you were at work, out of town, or lived too far away to check on them yourself. We all have. In Home Personal Services can help by offering your family our senior Safety and Comfort Check service. This way you won’t have to wonder if your loved one is okay or not. Safety and Comfort Checks include stopping in to check and ensure the client is safe and comfortable – face-to-face.

Certain seasons, like winter, can pose an even great amount of risk for a senior living alone. Snow shoveling, or running errands can be hazardous increasing the risks for slipping, falling, or exposure to severe cold. Our safety and comfort checks are a great way of adding to your peace of mind while also alerting you to any unsafe conditions at the home.

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