In Home Rise and Shine Service for Seniors

Getting up to get going can be a challenge for any age, but stiff muscles, ailments, or memory loss can make it very difficult for us and our loved ones. Our wonderful caregivers at In Home Personal Services can help bring a smile to every morning. Our Rise and Shine services includes assistance with the morning routine including grooming, washing face and hands, hair care, shaving or applying makeup, mouth care, dressing, and making the bed. We also provide the same type of support for getting ready for bed, see our tuck-in care which includes grooming, mouth care, assistance with nighttime garments, and getting settled into bed.

“good morning! easy to say but when done with a smile it can make all the difference”

The importance of routine in a seniors life is important. We know that all people live less stressful lives when they know when to expect certain activities and events. A good morning can be the start to a great day, as these habits are positive and lead to better outcomes. Our Rise and Shine service is easily combined with our meal preparation, medication reminders, and other senior in home services. Take a look above and learn more about our other services that we can provide your loved one in their own home.

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