In Home Medication Reminder for Seniors

Medication Reminder service for seniors includes simple reminders to assure your loved one is taking their medications on time and then documenting the service upon completion. Missing a pill or two could be a serious or life threatening situation, our medication reminder service helps you remember when to take your pills to help keep you healthier. A medication reminder can help keep on track and eliminate the possibility of simple forgetfulness.

“when it’s time – we are on time”

Medication non-compliance has become a bigger issue recently and can cause unnecessary emergency hospitalizations. A medication reminder can help reduce, taking too few pills, taking too many pills, taking your dose of pills too far apart, taking your dose of pills too close together, or simply forgetting to take any dose of pills. Any of these issues could cause strokes, seizures, slips, falls, overdosing, under-dosing, heart attack, sleepiness / drowsiness, or other health risks. Just having a simple medication reminder can be the difference between healthiness or a hospital visit.

Studies show that 125,000 deaths and up to 25% of the hospital and nursing home admissions annually can be traces to patients straying from their medication schedule. Our prescription medication reminder can reduce the possibility of missing or forgetting to take pills or other types of medicine. IHPS is acutely aware of the seriousness that some medications have on the elderly and can help a senior remember to take their medicine at meal time, bed time, or any other time necessary to promote your well being and healthiness.

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