In Home Light Houskeeping for Seniors

As the simple day-to-day tasks can become burdensome and overwhelming, let us help your loved ones with the light housekeeping so they can relax, or even concentrate on their recovery. Light housekeeping services includes dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and other small housekeeping tasks.

“small messes are small potatoes to us, let us tidy up around the house while you relax”

Light housekeeping is important to your loved ones health and home. Small tasks can easily build up to be overwhelming to a senior which can turn their house into a dangerous environment. In home personal services offer light housekeeping in addition to our other award winning services.

When your loved one lives in a clean and organized home, they will enjoy greater feelings of well being – and more importantly good health. Germs on counter tops and other surfaces need to be disinfected to prevent bacterial and viral infections. Keeping refrigerators and cupboards free of expired or spoiled foods can avert food-borne illness. To avoid fire hazards, stoves, toasters, ovens, and other appliances must be regularly cleaned to avoid a build up of grease, oils, or crumbs. Light housekeeping for seniors doesn’t have to be a chore that you slave over any longer – leave the dirty work to us.

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