In Home Dressing Assistance for Seniors

When arthritis, a recent injury or memory loss has made it difficult for your loved one to dress his or herself, our dressing assistance support can make this task simple and less burdensome. Dressing assistance includes securing undergarments, blouses, pants, socks, and shoes—even help with those pesky support stockings and ted hose.

When dressing becomes more of a difficulty as we age, asking for help can be hard. Our caregivers provide dressing assistance to take away the stress of changing especially during other physically daunting tasks like bathing, grooming and special events. In Home Personal Services is committed to ensuring your personal privacy is respected – not just with our dressing assistance but in all the manners in which we are helpful.

Many seniors enjoy picking out their own outfits but don’t always have their clothes organized in a way that makes them accessible or convenient. Along with our dressing assistance we can help organize your wardrobe to your personal taste. In this way, In Home Personal Services encourages individualism and clothing choices with their dressing assistance service.

Dressing assistance can also add confidence back into an individual’s life. Dressing assistance can make it easier to look good and feel good about oneself. When someone is unable to dress themselves the motivation in looking good diminishes and they can become less social. In Home Personal Services believes that with dressing assistance we can provide that boost of enjoyment in knowing that you can express yourself and be beautiful.

In Home Personal Services has more services other than dressing assistance – please review the links above for more information about our care and senior in home services. Individualized care is extremely important to our mission. If you or someone you love needs dressing assistance call and speak with one of our care specialists.

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