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Fully customized & personalized for you.

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Acute Home Care needs when you need it most.


Affordable Care Services

Great care doesn’t have to cost a bundle. In fact, part of giving great care is making it affordable, so that’s what we did. For Best Value, Our Clients Recommend Our Care Services in Five Hour Increments.

No Hourly or Daily Minimums

Whether you’re looking for care for one hour a day, one hour a week, or one hour a month, we’ve got you covered.

Family Flexibility

We understand that managing care along with all other family activities can be a challenge, but with IHPS, as your schedule changes – we can too.

No Long-term Contracts

Our services can be changed or canceled at any time with only 24 hours’ notice and no penalties or fees. 

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24-Hour Care

One-On-One Care

Individual Services

Veterans Care

Specialty Services

24-hour care private in the home. 24 Hour Care offers 100% personalized care to you or your loved one. With 24 Hour Care, you will receive all of the care you need – right when you need it.

24 Hour Care provides the unique opportunity for a client-driven level of care. Daily routine and continuity is paramount for each individual. Our 24 hour caregivers understand this need and establish fluid schedules that conform to each person’s individual needs and lifestyle.

Equally as important as providing assistance with physical needs, our caregivers establish amazing relationships with our clients and their families, offering companionship that is priceless.

Our team is comprised of dedicated, compassionate professionals who understand the challenges your loved one faces on a daily basis and are trained and prepared to help overcome as many obstacles as possible.

Together with our team, you and your loved one will build a customizable and comprehensive care plan outlining what services are required and to what degree the assistance is needed. Services consist of assistance with anything you may need or require including the full scope of Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing, housekeeping, meal preparation, hygiene, incontinence care and so much more.

Care by the hour, no minimum. Hourly One-on-One Care allows you to get the services you need between the hours you specify.
Our caregivers provide personal care and companionship in the home, and can also assist with tasks such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and running errands.

*Hourly rates are based on hours scheduled consecutively. Any hours provided with a split schedule will be billed at the rate of the consecutive hours per visit. (i.e., If a caregiver is needed from 11-1 and then again from 3-5, this would count as two separate visits at the 2 hours per day rate.) But never any minimums.

Senior Living Come and Go care
Individual services are only available in retirement communities where IHPS is the leading provider of services.
Rise & Shine

Rise and Shine includes assistance with the morning routine including grooming, washing face and hands, hair care, shaving or applying make-up, mouth care, dressing, and making the bed.

Safe Shower Assist

Safe Shower Assist offers stand by or physical assistance getting in/out of the tub, shower, sponge bathing, applying lotion, and dressing.

Incontinence Care

Incontinence Care offers bathroom reminders, cleaning, drying, and dressing into fresh clothes to ensure comfort.

Medication Reminders (each)

Medication Reminders include prompting when it is time to take medications and documenting the service upon completion.

Companionship Care (general hourly rates apply)

Companionship Care helps avoid isolation while increasing socialization. This includes caregivers spending quality time doing the activities that you love and enjoy such as puzzles, playing games, listening to music, scrapbooking and more.

Active Exercise

Active exercises help improve and maintain range of motion, strength, balance, endurance, walking pattern, and independence.

Laundry Service (per load)

Laundry and Folding Service includes washing, drying, folding and putting away all clothes, linens, etc.

Community Escort (within the community)

Community Escort assists with safe arrival to destinations within your community, such as an activity, dinner, the salon, fitness center and more.

Escort to Appointments (general hourly rates apply)

Escort to Appointments offers assistance with doctors’ appointments, dental appointments, or any appointment you may have.

Shopping (general hourly rates apply)

Shopping offers assistance for grocery shopping, mall shopping, and running errands. Mileage cap – 4 miles.

Dressing Assistance

Medication Reminders include prompting when it is time to take medications and documenting the service upon completion.

Safety & Comfort Check

Safety and Comfort Checks include stopping in to check and ensure the client is safe and comfortable – in a face-to-face encounter.

Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation and Clean Up Service includes warming of food, plating of food, and doing dishes from that meal.

Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery Service includes picking up a meal from the community kitchen and delivering it to the client.

Pharmacy Pick-Up (mileage cap – 4 miles)

Beyond a 2-mile radius

Light Housekeeping (within one hour)

Light Housekeeping Service includes organization, cleaning and making the home more orderly. This can include garbage removal, vacuuming, sweeping, organizing drawers, etc.

Tuck-In Care

Tuck-In Care includes grooming, oral care, assistance with nighttime garments and getting settled into bed.

Bedding Service

Bedding Service includes stripping the bed and re-making the bed with clean sheets.

Bathroom Assistance (per visit)

Bathroom Assistance includes an escort to the bathroom, assistance with toileting, and escort back to their desired location in the room.

Pet Care (per visit)

Pet Care includes walking, feeding, cleaning up after and of course play time!

IHPS also offers the following services for retirement communities who are our preferred partners:

Have you just returned home from the hospital? For up to three days any resident who is newly home from the hospital will receive two complimentary Daytime Safety and Comfort Checks and escort service (twice a day) throughout the building.

Are you about to move into a retirement community? New residents to the community will receive three days of escort service throughout the building, helping the resident to and from activities, acclimate to the building and meet other residents.

Care under the VA provider program
Caring for those that served is a unique privilege. We not only understand the care they need, but we understand the hesitation often expressed by our Veterans to receive care. We are a proud partner and contracted provider for Veterans and their Spouses under several affordable care options paid for in whole by the US Government.
Focus on individual needs
Your care needs will differ from those of everyone else. So, we developed not only individualized personal care, but care programs specially developed to meet the unique challenges of everyday life for those with a unique need.
Respite : Short term
Care for the short-term needs. Whether it is a break for the primary caregiver, to meet a specific period for recovery or to build strength or to provide a safe environment for when the family is away. Our goal is to get you back to a place where you will no longer need us as a provider.
Hospice : Bed Side
There truly is no more of a personal time in our lives than when we need specialized care when our life is facing its next journey. Hospice care is more than end of life care, it is a rare privilege to spend not only time with those in need but for the family to focus on being a family and we focus on the care you need. Our caregivers are specially trained on hospice care.
Acute : Home Health Based
We have developed, from our own experience, care programs that ensure we are a fit in the care team that is home based. Working directly with a skilled home health provider our caregiver becomes a valued resource in the care team in your home.
Dementia : Understanding the Care needs
Understanding how memory loss works and how it impacts our daily life is only the beginning of our programs and training to our caregivers receive to ensure that the care of your loved one is met with the right compassion and understanding of what they face in their daily lives.
Parkinsons : Care designed for symptom regression

A unique and patented technology and in-home program to fight back against the symptoms of this disease. Developed and proven to provide relief of symptoms and even reduce the need for medication. Truly a one of a kind program developed as a project of passion.

Discharge : Transport door to door
Call us and we will take care of everything. Prior to discharge we will coordinate door to door service that includes proper caregiver staffing in the home, transportation, medications, specialty medical equipment and d anything else so all you do is rest and recover.
Going Places : Lifestyle Transportation
Sometimes all we need is a little companionship and assistance to get out into the word and enjoy life. That’s what we do, as needed and on demand we can arrange for the ground transportation and trips for anything from your appointments to social events and errands.
Post OP : Post surgical recovery
We all just want to rest when we are recovering, even from more common day surgery. No matter it being a hospital discharge to continue recovery at home or a day procedure that leaves you feeling a little off balance and wanting extra help at the home. We can provide you the peace of mind so all you focus on is resting.
Day Care : A new experience for socialization and care needs

In your own home or at one of our partner facilities, we can offer full-service day-care options while the family is away and ensure a continued care environment. Since we partner with facility locations in your own area you can enjoy out of the home socialization daily in a supportive environment to socialize, take day trips or just “hang out” with new friends.

Staffing : Available now by way of contracting employees
For all types of health care facilities, we offer our world class trained caregiver to meet your staffing needs. We offer these caregivers under a staffing contract so you can focus on the management of the facility and we can supplement the team when you need it to ensure you are providing the proper level of care to your residents.
Group Home / Shared Housing : Private All Inclusive Senior living

Want to remain living independently, but the larger senior retirement communities don’t appeal to you? We built a solution for that too. We have purchased, remodeled and made individualized high-end senior living a reality. Our group home comes with a single low cost option that provides for full 24/7/365 residential needs, care needs and social engagement all under one roof. No need for you to change your lifestyle, simply share it with like-minded individuals in one of our new Private Care Homes. We cater to all your needs with expert staff on site 24/7/365.

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