Post Discharge Care Services

A recent hospitalization or surgery can be challenging for many families as the changes in condition of their loved one can present stress and anxiety. Without proper support, hospital readmissions and other complications can occur. IHPS Caregivers are trained to provide non-medical, post discharge care, from one hour a day to around the clock care, to meet the ever changing personal care needs of the individual. A member of the IHPS leadership team would be happy to conduct a post discharge care assessment in the hospital prior to a surgery, which will assist in the preparation of the transition and can reduce some of the stress and anxiety.

The care one receives during the first 30 days at home after discharge from a hospital or other healthcare facility is vital to ensuring their long-term recovery. Often mistakes made in medications, missed follow-up medical appointments, poor nutrition and dehydration, and lack of safety preparation in the home are the issues that can lead to readmission.

Using our Post Discharge Care services for seniors as part of a returning home program can greatly improve the chances of recovery outcomes. Get started by contacting us for a complimentary initial consultation for post discharge care, you will be amazed with the savings both financially and emotionally.

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