Reasons Why Moms Are Wonderful

Kissing boo-boo’s. Giving Hugs. Saying ‘no’. Transporting us to and from activities. Saying ‘yes.’ Being present. Sacrificing their wants for our own. Working any number of jobs to pay the bills. Staying at home to care for us. These are some of the millions of reasons why mothers are an integral part of who we are and the person we grow up to be. Their influence stays with us and impacts how we reach out to others. So, if you are a mother, know a mother, or have a mother, let’s take the time to truly love, remember, and appreciate them this Sunday.

Other Mothers

When someone says ‘mother’, your mind most likely goes to the woman who raised you. This is true for myself, as well. My mother’s love and influence has more than guided me through the avenues of life. The list of reasons why she’s wonderful is exhaustive. But one of the things I most appreciate is the opportunity she gave for other women to positively influence my life as well. It allowed me to keep myself open to learning from and listening to others.

There is a friend of my mother who we would often spend time with. She took my brother and me on outings, had us over her house, and treated us as her own among her four other children. There was my Granny, my aunts, the president’s wife at my college, and a handful of women at work and church. All these women I see as mothers in my life, and all these women share qualities that impact the woman I am today. They showed love through their hospitality, words and actions. They advised with wisdom in both easy and difficult situations. They made mistakes and admitted to them. They never let me run away from my problems. They reached out to me. They were intentional. They were the living embodiment of what a mother and role model should be.

Spread Love

Mothers are there when we need them most. They call just when we needed to talk to them, and sometimes when we didn’t realize we needed to talk to them. This mother’s day take time to spend with those important women in your life. That may be your own children or those who are like your children; your own mother/grandmother, or those who have shown the love of a mother. No matter the relation or tie, if they have played a motherly role in your life, or the life of those around you make sure you thank them for their love. Then go out and spread that love to others.

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