Father’s Day! This is the day we honor the men who have told more dad jokes than we can shake a stick at. The day we spend time with the guys who taught us how to fix a flat and change the oil in our car. The day we show love to the men who will always be in our corner when we need it the most, and always call us out on our stuff when we’re being ridiculous. Dads, this one is for you.

Father’s Day Beginnings

The origin of Father’s Day in the US is disputed. Some say it began in 1907 when a mining incident killed 361 men, the majority of them fathers. Grace Clayton, one of those mourners, urged her pastor to honor those fathers.

The second disputed beginning of Father’s Day was in 1910, when Sonora Smart Dodd heard a sermon about Mother’s Day and felt fathers should have a day as well. Having a day honoring fathers was especially poignant to Dodd since her father, civil war veteran William Jackson Smart, was a widower who raised his six children on his own.

Honoring Fathers As We Age

Father’s Day was celebrated locally for years since those early 1900’s, but it wasn’t until 1972 that Father’s Day officially became a national holiday.

Finding meaningful ways to honor our fathers has often proved a difficulty. Hoards of neckties, world’s best dad mugs, hand-made cards and gifts, and power tools are often the go to presents for new to middle age fathers, and sometimes even those presents are hard to come up with. Finding that perfect present can be just as hard when your dad is 60+.

Some gifts you can give that your dad will love:

Tools (all sorts!)

Fathers will always enjoy tools. Working with their hands, and in areas where they feel they are experts, helps to continue give a sense of self, independence, and importance. From grill accessories, to the parts and tools needed to build a ramp, or modify a bathtub for his wife, the tools you get them now may be a little different, but will still be a great gift for your dad.

'Ease of Life' Accessories

Ok, I know this sounds boring. But as our fathers age and their bodies change, there are devices and accessories that can aid them as they get older, and can be as unique as they are. This could be something like a Kindle to help them read bigger words; modified garden tools to help with arthritic hands; or anything else that you think could help your father!

Quality Time

Even if your father is one that may not be super talkative, he will still enjoy spending time with you. Showing him that you want to be with him whether that is talking about life, or sitting and watching a ball game, is one of the best gifts you can give.

Of course, you will know your father/father figure better than most and may have the perfect idea for how to honor him. No matter if you got the ‘ideal’ gift, or something you’re not altogether sure about, as long as you are spending what time you can with him (whether in person, or through calling or skype), and giving him the love he deserves, it is bound to be a great Father’s Day and will give him memories to cherish.

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