5 Tips to Prevent Falling in Your Home

Your home should be a safe place always. Learning these 5 steps in fall prevention can help you keep it that way. The places in the home that most frequently cause falls are cramped and damp spaces. You are most likely to fall in the bathroom, bedroom, and stairways. Some of the most serious fall injuries are because of inadequate handles and hard surfaces. We recommend that you take these preventive steps to decrease the likely hood in falling in your home.

At night, make sure that your hallways and bedrooms are well lit. Lighting plays a large role in decreasing falls. When a cramped area is poorly lit, it can easily create a dangerous situation. Also lighting can help see if there is any tripping or other hazards in your way. Make sure that light switches and lamps are in easy to reach places so in the event that you need to walk to another area you aren’t forced to do it in the dark.

Decrease clutter. The less items are in your way the safer you can navigate the space in your home. Many people both young and old haven’t made picking up objects in their homes a habit. Uneven surfaces are much more difficult to navigate and can cause an unsafe situation. Don’t let a fall and injury be the cause of forming a new habit. As much as it might be inconvenient to pickup clothing, shoes, boxes or other material – keeping your floors absent of obstacles will indeed make your home a safer one.

After a shower or bath you might notice your bathroom floor can become damp or slippery. Take preventative measures prior to walking on slick floors. Either have a towel or a mat ready to walk on so you don’t slip. Bathrooms are especially dangerous because of all the hard surfaces that surround you. Combine the hard surfaces of the bathroom and wetness, you could easily take a tumble. Another tip – try to install handles and bars where you can. Installing some safety equipment can add balance and reduce the risk of falling.

We have all done it a thousand times. We have placed an item out of reach and the only way to grab it is by getting on your tip toes and stretch yourself beyond a comfortable position. This just sounds like a bad move. Instead try organizing your items in an easy to access way. Kitchens many times are built with cabinets that are too high to access without the help of a ladder or a step stool. If in fact you find yourself in a situation where you need to get somewhere out of reach – try to use equipment, such as a step stool, that has handles and keep your balance. Loosing your footing or balance in an area such as a kitchen could be a very dangerous situation.

There are many things in your home that you need to get to quickly. Especially if you have a urgent need to use the bathroom. Making sure that you allow yourself enough time to carefully navigate your home is one of the most important steps. Most of the time, the faster you are moving, the more clumsy and unbalanced you will become. This is a natural occurrence, and you know what they say, “haste makes waste.” So don’t be hasty in your home and you will most likely decrease your chances of injury.

No matter how much we try to not have a fall in our homes, the majority of us will. Preventing the fall and reducing the possibility uncured after the fall takes place is important steps to take. If you need extra help or need additional advice you might want to look into a service that can increase your independence while also reducing your risk of falling in your home. In home services can be very helpful reducing the clutter, organizing your items for easy access, and being there when trying to do more physical tasks like bathing.