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What are the benefits of In Home Personal Services?

You are making one of the biggest decisions, for one of the most important people in your life. Why settle for ordinary, mediocre, or adequate? You will love the In Home Personal Services approach to in home care, so check us out.


We understand managing care along with all of the other family activities can be a challenge – let us help.

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Whether you’re looking for care for one hour a day, one hour a week, or one hour a month, we’ve got you covered.

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Our services can be changed or cancelled at any time with only 24 hours’ notice and no penalties or fees.

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Live-In Caregiving

We are able to provide amazing care whether it is one hour a week or full time live-in care. We are there to help you.

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Our Locations

Our In Home Personal Services system of caregivers and staff is rapidly growing. Find our In Home Personal Services locations closest to you.

Solid Investment

Looking for a rapidly growing market to be awarded a franchise? Take a look at our franchising opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Are you genuinely interested in making a positive impact on a senior’s life. If you are looking for a rewarding career in senior care we encourage you to apply now.

Live Life to its Fullest


In Home Personal Services brings a unique approach to caregiving—one that takes the “senior” out of “senior care”—and allows us to see amazing people who are beautiful in every way. These incredible, accomplished, and fascinating individuals may now need a little assistance or possibly full-time support to ensure their lives continue to blossom. Our in home senior care services are flexible to your specific needs.

Let us match the perfect caregiver with your loved one’s around-the-clock in home senior care or individualized support care needs. This might include full-time in home senior care or specific support such as transportation, bathing, companionship, meal preparation or other helpful in home senior care services. We will put your mind at ease and add joy to your loved one’s life.

Vision and Mission

Helping seniors is our leading mission and the very essence of our business. In Home Personal Services is fueled by strength, courage and determination to solve one of the biggest challenges of this century. We need our seniors to have access to great in-home care and service. We combine both with our senior home care.

Our Philosophy

Our brand builds on our fundamental strength―that IHPS is the most innovative and forward thinking home services agency in the world― this enables our clients, employees and franchisees to be empowered and inspired.

Services We Offer

Welcome to In Home Personal Services (IHPS). Founded in 2004, IHPS has provided seniors with high quality home care services at affordable prices. IHPS has stood alone when it comes to creating individualized care plans based on our client’s specific needs. We work primarily within independent living communities, allowing our clients to remain living independently and safely within their home longer.

Our Commitments

In Home Personal Services offers non-medical care to seniors in their homes. Our continuing growth was sparked not because we are competing, but because we are separating ourselves from the rest of the pack.

What People Say About In Home Personal Services

Their words about their experiences.

  • “My mom spent most of her life taking care of me and my siblings - In Home Personal Services gives me the peace of mind that my mother is taken care no matter where I need to be."

    Lucy R. Valued Marketing Executive
  • “In recent years I found it difficult to do everything I was used to doing on my own, but I wasn't ready to leave the home my husband built. Now I can keep my independence and feel safer in my home.”

    Ethel F. Valued Paralegal
  • “IHPS has really changed the lives of my family. I felt terrible having my two daughters looking after me. Now I can enjoy their company when they visit without being dependent on anyone.”

    Charles L. Valued Business Owner

Veteran Assistance

Benefits for Qualifying Veterans

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